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The International Network of Democratic Therapeutic Communities (INDTC) is an association which attempts to establish a conversation about the therapeutic community, in order to transmit and develop a psychoanalytic understanding of its practice.

Membership of the Network is not limited to therapeutic community practitioners. We welcome participation from all who are interested in psychoanalysis and the application of psychoanalytic ideas including those who - as a result of their own mental suffering - have been through a period of therapeutic community or psychoanalytic treatment.

We believe that the concepts developed by Freud provide a framework for therapeutic communites. Fundamental to this belief is an emphasis on the uniqueness of each subject and on allowing ourselves to be taught by our patients. Psychoanalysis belongs to the Gattung of apophatic theology and is, before all else, a contemplative practice. In Lacan’s words it is a form of contemplation. This is, in part, because the immersion into one’s own interiority, with all its ‘shadows’ or ‘demons’, forms a process in which some degree of real knowledge is brought to birth. Lacan uses the French word savoir for this kind of Symbolic knowledge, in contrast to connaisance, as it is the knowledge of something that, in some sense, remains unknown. For what analysis does is to uncover the fundamental, radical discordance in relation to everything which the subject experiences. This uncovering is progressive, moving in ‘in irregular leaps and bounds’ - of this knowledge. And it reveals, fundamentally, a knowledge about the truth of desire.

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In this first clip Dora Lorik introduces Dr Zsolt Zalka - the founder and director of Thalassa Haz – who opened the conference and gave an overview of the specialism of the Institute.


John Gale (Community Housing and Therapy) gave a presentation with title ‘Thinking and dwelling: community as speech’.


INDTC held its first international conference at the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome on 22nd November 2013. Around 130 delegates attended from 12 countries. Dr Andrea Baldassarro (Psychiatrist/psychoanalyst, Rome) delivered an erudite paper entitled ‘Il disagio nella comunità. Il posto di Psiche tra Zoé e Bios’.


The second international conference of INDTC was held at the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce, Bolnicka c 32, Zagreb, Croatia on 12th June 2015. Professor Sladjana Štrkalj Ivezic, who is a psychiatrist, group analyst and member of INDTC's International Advisory Panel gave a paper .

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