Luca Mingarelli 🇮🇹

Psychologist, Psychoterapist, Social Entrepreneur, Founder and Director of Therapeutic Communities for Adolescents, President of the Rosa dei Venti not for profit Foundation , Past President of Il Nodo Group, now Associate President and Treasurer, Board member of Mito & Realtà, member of OPUS, board member of the International Network Democratic Therapeutic Communities(INDTC); Founding Member and PastPresident of Stella Polare Association and Co-Director of the Daily Centre for autistic and psychotic children and teenagers, Human Resources Director, Methods Researcher in Music Therapy and Clinical Education

Creator and Director of the Master in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Psychology University since 2002 , followed by Master in Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as planning international formative events (Bruxelles)

Member of the Niguarda Hospital Scientific Committee in Milan since 2005 : workshop and meetings on improving the integration of therapeutic interventions within the framework of networks addressing adolescents with mental health issues being treated in Therapeutic Communities.

Member of the GRC ALI International Staff since 2008 (Residential training programmes following the Group Relations Conferences model -Tavistock UK) as administrator, consultant, associate director(2014), director(2015-2016-2017 Director of the Training Group(2019). Staff member in international GRC(Tavistock UK, AK Rice USA, Ofek Israel, Iquitos Perù, Greeke etc…); Director of the 1st and 2nd GR event LFA in Japan july 2017 and 2019.

Articles by the author

List of publications

  • 2009: published the book “Difficult Teenagers- An autobiography of a Therapeutic Community for adolescents” Ananke (The first book in Italy dealing with Therapeutic communities for teenagers)
  • Introduction to“The art of dwelling : Song, body and space” a book published by professor Marialuisa Conti
  • Author of a chapter of “Penelope’s ship” a book written by Franco Lorenzoni and published by Giunti Foreword for “Holistic Plantar Reflexology” a volume written by M.Simeoni
  • Presentation of a paper at Belgirate Conference 2012 and at OPUS Conference(London) on GRC ECW(nov 2013)
  • 2016- GRC Energy Collaborative creation and wellbeing in organizations chapter on the book of GRC Belgirate’s series IV
  • 2018- a new book with the title: Roles in Tcs: a life and care’s organization(with the preface of R.D Hinshelwood)
  • 2018 published the book: Roles in TCs- Ananke
  • 2019- LFA chapter on the book of GRC Belgirate’s series VI