The INDTC short history

from 2016 to 2019

Austerity, resistance and relaunch INDTC

Rome 🇮🇹 London 🇬🇧

With continuing economic austerity in the following years, CHT could not support the development of INDTC after the retirement of John Gale, so an international distribution of responsibility was planned.

This was by working particularly closely with Italian colleagues who remained very active in international TC collaboration, and including as many other countries as possible.

The initial plans for relaunch were made at an Anglo-Italian meeting held at Iver Environment Centre in October 2017, developed in Rome in November 2018 and finalised at the Cassel conference in September 2019.

The intention is to keep the international network that existed in the Linked-In groups, and develop more active membership, in more countries, through modern online methods as well as regular traditional conferences. An ‘International Collective’ will steer the organisation, and an organisation or group of organisations will take responsibility for day-to-day running of the organisation in periods of two years.

A group of Italian TCs (headed by Angelita Volpe, Luca Mingarelli and Raffaele Baroneis taking this on for the first period, 2019-2021.


Network growth

By 2015, the international Linked-In network had over 1,500 people from 65 countries.

The initial drivers for the network were a belief in the value of psychoanalytic thinking and in cross cultural cooperation, with the therapeutic community model (and psychoanalytic thinking in general) under attack from less in-depth, restrictively ‘evidence-based’, and more ‘cost effective’ approaches.

The founding objectives were:

  • To promote therapeutic communities, therapeutic community values, the appropriate use of psychotherapy and psychological treatments for persons with psychiatric disorders, for children, offenders and others in need of care and treatment
  • To promote psychoanalytic thinking and its application to individuals and groups
  • To promote an international dialogue about psychoanalysis and internationality taking into account cultural differences
  • To exchange ideas, develop theory and cooperate on new projects
  • To enhance awareness of psychoanalytic approaches and psychosocial interventions amongst professionals
  • To run conferences in order to support and train students and those working in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and social work in the UK, Europe and of other parts of the world who are interested and involved in mental suffering
  • To lobby and influence decision makers on policy, challenging the dominant discourse

June-November 2013

The Advisory Panel for INDTC

London 🇬🇧 Budapest 🇭🇺  Rome 🇮🇹

John Gale, founder, Budapest

On 1 June 2013 CHT, led by its chief executive John Gale, held the inaugural meeting in London of the Advisory Panel to the International Network of Therapeutic Communites (INDTC). 

On 7 June 2013 participated in the 10th anniversary conference of Thalassa Haz in Budapest.

In November 2013 its first international conference was held in Rome and over 130 people attended from many different countries.

November 2012

INDTC ran first symposium

Milan 🇮🇹

INDTC ran a symposium about the Network at the 11th World Congress of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WARP) in Milan in November 2012.

Special thanks

A big thank you to Rex Haigh for the brief historical reconstruction of the International Network of Democratic Therapeutic Communites (INDTC).

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