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Anando Chatterji, individual and group psychotherapist, co-founder and CEO, Hank Nunn Institute (HNI), Bengaluru, India. His background is in philosophy where his interest in the complexities of human existence began.

He worked at Athma Shakti Vidyalaya, a residential community for people with severe psychological distress, as a staff member for 14 years and was the community lead for the Community of Communities, UK, peer review for 5 cycles.

In 2014 he co-founded HNI along with Shama Parkhe, which aims to create affordable and accessible psycho-social services as and alternative to the bio-medical psychiatric system for people with personality and relational difficulties.

His interest lies developing therapeutic practice which is co-created with service user involvement at all levels. He believes there is no therapy without change and no change without social change. He is a member of the staff team of the Living Learning Experience workshops, UK and India.

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