Diogo Janeiro 🇵🇹


Diogo Janeiro is Social Worker at Casa de Alba. Degree in Applied Social Research and Post-Graduate in Safety and Hygiene and Health at Work.

He worked at Cercimb (Cooperativa dos Namidos Inadaptados de Moita and Barreiro), as a Senior Social Worker, working with disabled people and at-risk youth.

He held positions at the Municipality of Monforte, as Senior Technician of Sociology, and was responsible for an Equal Transnational Project, which sought to help the most disadvantaged, seeking to integrate them into the labor market and / or creating self-employment.

He worked as an External Trainer for several companies, both public and private, having contacted several target audiences. He worked as a RVCC Technician at CNO, having followed processes of equivalence to Basic and Secondary education.

He held positions again in the City Council of Monforte, where he collaborated in the Communitarian Program of Delivery of Foodstuffs for the Careless (PCAAC), Municipal Card of the Elderly.

He was a collaborator of the Municipal Council of Sousel, where he held positions in the Social Action Office, participating in the various projects implemented. (Senior University, Social Shop, Memory Workshop, Gente Grande Grande Movement), updating of Social Diagnostics, among other projects.
He was a collaborator in the Technical Team of the Humanitarian Center of the Red Cross of Évora. He participated in the various responses promoted by the institution, such as: Teleassistance Service, Domiciliary Support Service, Social Assistance and Support, Food Supply Delivery, Social Refectory.

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