Cláudia Pedro 🇵🇹


Cláudia Pedro is Clinical Psychologist at Casa de Alba.

Master in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Évora. Developed the master’s thesis How do people cope with health crises? An analysis of the manifestations of secondary coping on Twitter during a crisis, and is currently writing an article in this field to be published in scientific journals in the area. She completed the curricular internship at the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health (DPSM) of the Hospital do Espirito Santo in Évora where she developed several activities such as psychological follow-ups, psychological assessments, participation in the Child and Adolescent Psychology Unit with the hosting of meetings, team in psychiatry with the objective of reporting the cases that would need to be followed up in an outpatient clinic.

During the internship she began to use the Individualized Patient Progress System (IPPS) program, presenting him to the team, resulting in the interest of using some members and passing the DPSM to collaborate with the University of Évora in collecting data through these “Custom Measures Therapeutic Gain Monitoring “, title of the presentation.

She recently participated in the training “Mental Health – implementation of responses in the community” in the Psychiatric Hospital Center of Lisbon – Júlio de Matos Campus.

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